The most frequent question I receive about Colombian Emeralds is…

Evaluate Colombian Emeralds - Lee Wasson

How does one Evaluate Colombian Emeralds?

The short answer is… it’s not so easy!

Continue reading if you really want to know.

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Evaluate Colombian Emeralds - Lee Wasson


This is a skill that you are going to acquire by reading and practicing a fair amount of my 4 decades of experiences buying, selling and exporting Colombian Emeralds.

You should be observing as many emeralds as possible and practice locating all of the different phenomena we go over present in them. All of which you can do in the comfort of my office if you so desire.

Here we go…

We would all prefer an easy system to evaluate Colombian Emeralds such as the levels of Color, Clarity, Cut & Carat weight using the system developed in the early 1950s for Diamonds, but then, where would the mystery be?
Actually it does not apply considering each and every Colombian Emerald is Unique.

  • This categorization was made possible from the abundance of Diamonds.
  • You can find pairs, trios, sets of the same size, color and quality fairly easily.
  • Not so with the much rarer Colombian Emeralds …

Photo Session New Collection 2017 Colombian Emerald - Lee Wasson

With emeralds there are only exceptions!

Each and Every Colombian Emerald´s Color, Clarity, Brilliance, Cut, Size & Imperfections are Unique, each, adding to or detracting from the beauty and therefore the value of a particular Emerald.

The quantification and evaluation of these variables is Subjective and it requires years of experience, continuous viewing and comparison. This is due to the subtle differences in each of these variables. The infinite combination of these variables creates large fluctuations in the price of an emerald.

If you are beginning to think this is more of an Art than a Science.
You are correct!

Having said all of that I will try to explain how to evaluate Colombian Emeralds in segments on our Blog.

Don’t hesitate to write or call me with your questions. I will answer all of them in the order that it fits into the appropriate sequence I will be explaining. I hope you will enjoy them and learn something that I have enjoyed for over 4 decades and am very passionate about doing and teaching. None of your questions are out of bounds and will be answered in full.

We will start from the beginning, in the next Post with,

What is a Precious Gemstone?


by Lee Wasson

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  1. Maurice Sheridan says:

    How much have your Emerald prices gone up in value on average in the last year?
    Maurice Sheridan, Romford UK

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