Are Colombian Emeralds a good investment?

Emeralds - Good Investment



Yes, they increase in value and appreciate far quicker than other assets. Historically, Precious Gemstones have been the preferred way of reducing a large amount of currency into the most compact transportable resource that can be worn on a hand, around a neck or on ones ears. A true asset whose value is inversely proportional to it’s size.


New Collection Specialist in Fine Colombian Emeralds


Historical values of Colombian Emeralds demonstrate a continual and aggressive increase in value, at least 10% yearly over the past 70 years and no less than 25 to 35% yearly in the last few of years. For this reason, putting off your Fine Colombian Emerald purchase may not be a wise decision. While diamonds have been marketed well and have become a common part of investment portfolios.

Colombian Emeralds are 400 times rarer, less known and understood with a higher potential than diamonds for value growth. Their gravity defying per carat sale values upstaging diamonds consistently. Colombian Emeralds are a tangible product of nature that takes millions of years to form. They are not a created-on-demand product but a rare, precious, durable and incredibly beautiful one that also carries the promise of Health, happiness, wealth, fortune and an intangible aesthetic gain. Which is  a common outcome of possessing Rare Gems, Fine Art & Antiques.

What is the first thing we want to know about a Colombian Emerald?

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