Colombian Emeralds are a Prime Investment

Colombian Emeralds are a Solid investment

Protect Your Wealth

Colombian Emeralds are a Prime Investment

Fine Colombian Emeralds are an alternative investment opportunity, their rarity and beauty ensure constant increases in value, far over more volatile holdings. Historically, Precious Gemstones and Gold have been the preferred way of protecting capital wealth against political upheaval, wars, oil shortages, terrorist attacks, recessions, and pandemics among other economic crises.

Colombian Emeralds are unrivaled when condensing a large amount of assets into a compact transportable resource.

Rare, High Quality Colombian Emeralds are a safe haven, a hedge against inflation, a protection in uncertain times. Their value is essential to a diversified long term investment portfolio. Not to mention…your advantage of investing wholesale at the source.

Through the Ages

Historical Values of Colombian Emeralds demonstrate a continuous and uninterrupted increase in net worth. My personal experience and observation is an increase of no less than 10% yearly throughout my 50 years in the industry.
Additionally, no less than 15% to 25% annually in the last few years as the elusive Emerald bearing veins dive deeper into the earths crust and are more difficult to mine.

Consequently, Emeralds are even rarer today and it is becoming increasingly more common for shrewd investors to protect and store their wealth with them. 
This is the precise moment to make your Fine Colombian Emerald purchase.
It would also be wise to scale your investment up…Larger, Finer are Rarer.
Many options are available to suit a secure investment or legacy to your taste.
While diamonds have been marketed well and have become a common part of investment portfolios, they are not rare, and do not rise in value remotely as fast.

New Collection Specialist in Fine Colombian Emeralds

Colombian Emeralds, an Exceptional Investment

Why? They are 400 times rarer than diamonds, less widely known and understood, resulting in higher value growth.
Colombian Emeralds
 are a tangible product of nature that took millions of years to form.
As a result, they are not a created-on-demand pull off the shelf type of product but
an Incredibly Rare, Precious, Enduring and Astonishingly Beautiful one.
Each and every one is Unique… with limited regulations.

The Federal Reserve cannot print Colombian Emeralds!

And for Good Measure…

Colombian Emeralds carry the affirmation of Wealth, Fortune, Health, Happiness and an intangible aesthetic gain common to possessing Rare Gems, Fine Art & Antiques.


Colombian Emeralds can be worn and enjoyed for personal and social distinction.

Last but not least:

Some gems say “Me Too”, Colombian Emeralds say “Only Me”

 There are three main Exiting strategies.
Auction Houses:

Call for more information.


What is the first thing we want to know about a Colombian Emerald?

Find out in our next post


by Lee Wasson

4 thoughts on “Colombian Emeralds are a Prime Investment

  1. John Piechocki says:

    Hi Lee,
    Hope you are healthy and happy! Wow the 2.88 ct. in the video sure is a beauty. Probably out of my price range but out of curiosity how much is/was that one? Seen anything of similar color/purity ~ a carat less in size?
    Kind regards,

    • Lee Wasson says:

      Hello John,
      Thank you for that, yes the 2.88 is a knockout!
      I do have a number of great stones, in particular a drop dead gorgeous 1.10 Emerald cut that I think might interest you.
      I’ll get back to you by E-mail or WhatsApp on pricing and specific information.
      Meanwhile, I hope you and all your loved ones are well!
      Warmest Wishes, Lee

  2. Jan Pelle says:

    Hi Lee
    Great stone, I hope you and all around you are well and happy, I love your videos.
    Best Pelle

    • Lee Wasson says:

      Thank you Pelle,
      Likewise I Hope you and all your loved ones are well!
      Great to hear from you!

      Is your Emerald ring taking good care of you?
      When are you coming to visit?
      Warmest wishes, Lee

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