That brings us to, what is a Colombian Emerald?

What is an Emerald? -

That brings us to, what is a Colombian Emerald?

The short answer is:

A Gorgeous Green Precious Gemstone

The long answer is:
The Colombian Emerald is the most valuable naturally occurring green variety of the mineral Beryl:

What is a Colombian Emerald - Lee Wasson

The name “beryl” is derived from the Greek: beryllos referring to:
a “precious blue-green color-of-sea-water stone”

Emeralds crystallize in perfect Hexagons, (six sided crystals).

Chemically, The Emerald formula is; Be3 AL2 SI6 O18 which gives us White Beryl, plus, and

What is an Emerald - Lee Wasson

This is the Secret:

Trace elements of Chromium and or Vanadium (rarely found in nature) which give Colombian Emeralds their coveted and infinite hues of lively green.
Colombian Emeralds do Not have traces of Iron which sets them and their Color apart from ALL other Emeralds around the world.
If we were to cook up an Emerald, the recipe would be:

  • 3 cups of Beryllium
    (found close to the earth’s surface)

  • 2 cups of Aluminum
    (found close to the earth’s surface)

  • 6 cups of Silicate (sand)
    (found close to the earth’s surface)

  • 18 cups of Oxygen
    (found close to the earth’s surface)

  • & the secret ingredient:
    One pinch of Chromium and or Vanadium for Color
    (Chromium is found 50 kilometers below the earth’s surface)


Mix all the elements, heat to over 1.000 degrees Celsius. Pour into a calcite vein, seal tightly and place under immense pressure.

Let the mineral soup cool and crystallize into (six sided) Hexagonal emerald Crystals at the bottom of the ocean for 20 to 70 million years. Otherwise, wait until the Tectonic plates push them to the earth’s surface depositing them delicately on top of what now is known as the Andes mountain range.

100 kilometers from my 5th floor office.

Proceed to dig the emeralds out carefully, (so as not to damage the crystals) Cut the crystals carefully according to each ones needs, (so as not to lose color) set Beautifully and Enjoy!!!
Simple!!!! …


Colombian Emeralds are the Precious gemstones that should never have been… Why?

While Beryllium, Aluminum, Silicate (sand) and Oxygen which provide us with White Beryl are all found abundantly and close to the earth’s surface, the trace amounts of Chromium 
which gives Colombian Emeralds their fantastic Color is found 50 Kilometers below the earth’s crust. Vanadium helps with Colombian Emeralds wide range of colors and is rare in nature as well.

New Collection Specialist in Fine Colombian Emeralds

These different minerals should never have come in contact with each other to crystalize into our lovely and highly sought after Colombian Emerald! So, what is a Colombian Emerald? On your finger or around your neck, it is a Miracle of Nature!
Each and every one, Unique!

I hope this answers the question, What is a Colombian Emerald?

So, are Colombian Emeralds a Good Investment?

Let’s see in the next Post.


by Lee Wasson

3 thoughts on “ That brings us to, what is a Colombian Emerald?

  1. Yudi says:

    Dear Mr. Lee, I want to ask If there is the simplest way to find out whether a colombian emerald is natural or synthetic without having to go to the gem lab?
    Thank you, Yudi
    Bandung city, Indonesia

    • Lee Wasson says:

      Hello Yudi,
      All Colombian Emeralds are different.
      There are No two Emeralds with the same Brilliance, Color, Cut or the same Imperfections.
      So, if you are looking at two stones and they are the same you can assume they are False.
      Colombian Emeralds are one of the most Expensive Precious gemstones on the market today.
      The rule you can follow is: If it looks too good to be true, it usually is!
      I will be answering this question in far more detail in future blogs.
      Thank you for your question Yudi!
      Lee Wasson

  2. Brigitte Carter says:

    I trust Mr Wasson completely!!!
    His expertise and honesty is rare and I love his different explanations about the emeralds
    I love emeralds more than diamonds my favorite ring is my emerald set in diamonds!

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