Emulating the Natural Beauty and vast array of greens found in the Amazon Jungle, these Lovely Colombian Emerald Jewelry Designs are a very high level of Aesthetics. This White gold Emerald Jewelry is expertly handcrafted in 18k gold using Deep herb green Emeralds from the Famous Mine of Muzo, Bluish Green Emeralds from the important mine of Chivor, Yellowish Green from the mine of Cosquez. This 18k White gold Colombian Emerald Jewelry will satisfy the most demanding of tastes. Fine Colombian Emerald White gold engagement rings work as well as a ring for the right hand deep into the night. Lee Wasson offers Dazzling Emerald Engagement Rings, Lovely Emerald Necklaces, Emerald Pendants & Dreamy Emerald Earrings.

Emerald is the legendary gem of lovers, and accordingly is the Sacred gemstone of the Roman Goddess Venus whose functions encompassed love, beauty, sex, fertility and prosperity. The emerald is believed to conduct the energies of the planet Venus with which it is sympathetic, focusing the energies of the planet and the sign Taurus through the gem to those wearing White Gold Emerald Jewellery.