Learn the Secret to Locate Inclusions in Colombian Emeralds

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Emerald Report Coushin

In our last Blog…

We were having trouble locating Inclusions in Colombian Emeralds. The reflections of light inside the stone and it’s green sparkle were minimizing the visibility of the imperfections. All the green flashes and sparkles were confusing our eyes and hiding the flaws. We needed to turn off the sparkly scintillation so we can observe the inclusions without distractions. Here you will Learn the Secret to Locate Inclusions in Colombian Emeralds.

Yes, You guessed it…


Apply the Secret No one will Teach you:

Turn the Emerald over, lift it an inch above the paper and look through the stone upside down. Or, go back to the same emerald on our web site and look at it face down HERE. Now, the internal  inclusions will be more visible observed with the naked eye.

Make a note of what you see.

Now… Let’s look a little deeper into the stone.

Take your 10x “Loupe”, which is a special magnifying glass that enlarges 10 times.

  • Pick the Emerald up in the grooves of the tweezers.
  • Stabilize both elbows on the table.
  • Stabilize the Loupe up against your eye.
  • Now, bring the face of the emerald up close to within an inch of the loupe or
  • Until it goes into focus for You.
  • Now, take a look around. Observe what you see.
  • On our web site: Press the center of the photos to enlarge them.

What do you see?

Natural InclusionsYou might see little lines like the grain in wood and minute irregular bubbles, those are the Inclusions. Those are normal, all Emeralds have inclusions, we want to see these imperfections with the Loupe. Remember, you are looking into the face of the emerald with all the facets reflecting shades of green into your eye. It may be difficult to isolate and identify the inclusions.
Make a mental note of what you see.

Then, to see the inclusions clearly…

Apply the secret again:

Turn the Emerald upside down by twirling the tweezers gently over a soft pad of white paper. The distractions from the flashing facets disappears and you can locate the imperfections easily. On our web site: Press the center of the photos to enlarge them.
Re-trace your mental notes and compare to your previous observations.

Looking through the Loupe, go back and forth between the face of the emerald and it’s backside. Identify the inclusions from all angles. The inclusions of all Colombian Emeralds will be more evident seen from behind.

Sitting in my office, I will ask you to do this with a variety of stones until you feel comfortable. Or, use our web site and look at as many stones as you wish HERE (This is another reason I photograph emeralds upside down for you to see on our web site).

Now, according to your observation, quantify the amount of inclusion in the emerald.

  • Inclusions zoom 2 - Lee WassonFI – Free of Inclusion
    No Eye Visible Inclusions.
  • F-1 Lightly Included  1-2-3
    Inclusions that do Not affect the beauty of the stone.
  • F-2 Moderately Included 1-2-3
    Inclusions that may affect the brilliance and beauty of the stone slightly.
  • F-3 Highly Included 1-2-3
    Inclusions that increasingly affect the brilliance and beauty of the stone.



  • You have located where the inclusions are in the Emerald.
  • You have identified how much inclusion there is in the Emerald.
  • You have observed how inclusions affect the Beauty of the Emerald.


You are identifying the inclusions and their location inside a famous Colombian Emerald.

In our next article we will see:

How Cut affects the beauty of Colombian Emeralds.


by Lee Wasson

5 thoughts on “Learn the Secret to Locate Inclusions in Colombian Emeralds

  1. Laura Arbeláez says:

    Hi, I’m Colombian and I love Emeralds, love the way you show and make people understand about Emeralds.

    • Lee Wasson says:

      Thank you Laura,
      We love teaching about Colombian Emeralds!
      They are a very mysterious precious gemstone!
      Thanks for writing!
      We love to hear from our readers.
      Warmest regards, Lee Wasson

  2. Joan Sue Cooper Ralston says:

    My birthstone is emerald so of course I love them.
    Enjoyed the articles you have written.
    I fell in love with a uncut stone in a ring . appears a staglites with the very top cut off ( point). Does this devalue the stone? Where is best place to purchase emeralds?
    God bless

    • Lee Wasson says:

      Hello Joan,
      We love May Babies!
      Colombian Emeralds are amazinly rare and Beautiful.
      To answer your question, Colombian Emeralds grow in perfect hexagons (six sided crystals),
      they are more valuable when naturally terminated, which is flat.
      Bogota Colombia is the source of Fine Colombian Emeralds and therefore the best place to purchase an Emerald.
      Glad you are enjoying our blog. Check out our Videos also.
      Warmest regards, Lee Wasson

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