Why are Colombian Emeralds so highly regarded?

Until now the finest Colombian Emeralds were exported just as the finest Colombian coffee was, leaving the remainder for internal consumption. Emerald lovers in Colombia did not have the opportunity to see, much less own, the best of Emeralds; even though the richest deposits are located a mere 100 miles North of Bogotá in the state of Boyacá.


Is the most important quality of all precious gems. The Emerald is one of the “Big Four” stones considered “precious”; comparable only to sapphire (blue), ruby (red) and diamond (colorless). No other gem possesses its impressive array of green hues. As one of the most unique aesthetic objects, it arouses admiration in those who lay their eyes upon it and the most passionate of emotions in those who possess it.


Is a key factor as to why precious stones are so valuable. The mine tunnels, from which the Emeralds are extracted, extend kilometers deep underground in search of the veins which contain the elusive Emerald crystals. So strictly limited by nature are Colombian Emeralds, that only $150 million U.S.D. of all qualities are exported yearly; not nearly enough to satisfy planetary demand. To give you an idea of just how rare the Emerald is, ask yourself: How many clear, intense green Emeralds with fire, have you seen lately?

Less than the 1% of the production of Colombian Emeralds can be considered Fine. Colombia provides more than 90% of the highest quality Emeralds worldwide. That 1% of the Colombian Emeralds is recognized as the “Rolls Royce” of Emeralds.


The international prestige of Colombian Emeralds has been spread by word of mouth since the days of the conquest. It needs no introduction and requires no advertising on the world stage. Therefore, those who visit us hold it in high esteem. They know of its charm, its legendary beauty and desire one for their significant other and – surely – a relative or a friend has asked them to acquire one of these rare gems. Hindered by their tight agenda, they aspire to purchase an extraordinary Emerald, while making a savvy investment. We can make this happen 24/7.


The selection and acquisition of a Fine Colombian Emerald is a specialized task, which requires the knowledge, experience and dedication of a professional. We want you and your V.I.P.s to be the privileged owners of that scarce 1%. Hence the reason for our name:

Specialist in Fine
Colombian Emeralds

Our 4 decades of experience screening and selecting the finest Colombian Emeralds for the most demanding foreign markets, assures you of an excellent investment. Our educated taste and discerning eye for the exceptional guarantees unparalleled beauty.