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What is a Precious Gemstone?

Precious Gemstone - Lee Wasson

What is a Precious Gemstone?

By definition, A Precious Gemstone is: A cut and polished Gem mineral which possesses the Beauty, Rarity & Durability necessary for use in jewelry.

Colombian Emeralds are a Precious gemstone.

This makes sense considering women want to adorn themselves with Beautiful Gems, Jewelry and Fine Clothes. They do not want to see the same aesthetics on other women in their group & they also want it to last a long time. Men also want the women in their lives to stand out and distinguish themselves with Rare & difficult to acquire objects of desire.

Value of a Precious Gemstone as an investment, inheritance is High.

Precious Gemstone - Lee WassonWhat gem stones besides Emeralds are considered Precious?

The Colombian Emerald is one of the “Big Four” stones considered “Precious”;  Sapphire (blue), Ruby (red) and Diamond (colorless) are the other Precious gemstones.

No other precious gemstone possesses the Colombian Emerald’s infinite array of green hues and tones.

So …  what is a Semi-Precious gemstone?

By definition, A Semi Precious Gemstone is:  A cut and polished Gem mineral which does Not possess all of the following; Beauty, Rarity & Durability necessary for use in jewelry.

A semi-precious stone may fulfill the first requirement of a Precious gemstone which is Beauty, such as an Amethyst, Blue Topaz or Tourmaline and too many others to mention here.

But, they may be so abundant, that being very common violates the second requirement, Rarity.

This usually brings the price down to between a few dollars per carat and a few hundreds of dollars per carat, on occasion, but rarely achieving thousands of dollars per carat in scarce qualities.

Violating the third requirement, Durability, means that they are softer than the environment they will come in contact with. They can be easily damaged in daily use and definitely will not survive the passage of time nor being handed down generation after generation.

Value of a Semi-Precious Gemstone as an investment, inheritance is relatively Low.

That brings us to, What is an Emerald?

Which I will explain in the next Post.

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