What is the first thing we want to know about a Colombian Emerald?

The first thing we want to know about a Colombian Emerald


Once you are in my office, I will ask you to look at an Emerald or Colombian Emerald jewelry in the Sunlight, you will love it. (Notice you are Not looking at the Emerald in Jewelry store light which darkens the emeralds color considerably and makes them appear brighter and less included). Then, I will place The emerald on your hand and ask you to look at it again, you may say something like, Wow!!! It will have changed for the better because now we do not have White Sunlight coming in through the back of the stone.

Next, I will ask you to place your hand with the Emerald on it in the shadow under the table in front of you which will take away a portion of the sunlight.

Now, a smile will cross your face, you may Blush and exclaim Whoa!!!  It will look darker, brighter even more outrageous! If the emerald looked beautiful naked in the Sunlight on a White back ground, now, it will be amazing. That´s what it will look like in your living room, a restaurant and any other social environment once set.

New Collection Specialist in Fine Colombian Emeralds

Now, ask yourself:

  • Is it Beautiful for “me”?
  • Do “I” like it? Size? Cut? Color? Brilliance? Over all look?
  • Is it hot in here? Am I Blushing? Am I smiling uncontrollably?
  • Will this emerald finely set in jewelry, make me happy every time I look at it for the rest of my life?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No” Then we start again with a different emerald.

Until the answer to any or all of these questions is “YES!”

Now we have answered the first thing we want to know about a Colombian Emerald.


That You Love it!


In our next post,

Let’s talk about the Beauty of the Colombian Emerald and how it affects people.

Lee Wasson

by Lee Wasson