Natural Colombian Emeralds

Natural Colombian Emeralds

Why Colombian Emeralds?

The Natural Colombian Emeralds is admired above all for it’s unparalleled Beauty.

The enchanting seduction of its brilliance bewitches and its infinite shades of green contribute to its exclusivity, prestige and world renown. Its quality is so superior that there are no comparable gems from any latitude.

Thanks to the natural resources of our geographic location, Colombia is the main producer of high quality emeralds worldwide.

The abundant assets of its land make Colombia a bio-diverse country. Embraced by two oceans and located in the tropical zone, it also has a wide geographic diversity. Traversing  the country is the second highest mountain range in the world with forests, snow capped peaks, volcanoes and moors (tracts of peaty wasteland, often overgrown with heath, common in high latitudes).  This region is also extremely rich in bodies of water such as, lagoons, lakes, streams and large rivers along with extensive areas of jungle and savanna.

Muzo, Chivor, Cosquez and Gachala are the preeminente deposits of Colombian Emeralds and are located in the Eastern Mountain Range of the Colombian Andes, less than 100 kilometers from Bogotá. Keep in mind, that due to the fact that these are located in the middle of the Andes, it could easily be a trip of 5 hours in the dry season and 8 hours in the rainy season.


Natural Colombian Emeralds

The Natural Colombian Emeralds is so scarce that you could say it is the gem that never should have existed.

It was formed in an era when the temperature of the earth was such that all the minerals were in melted and liquid forms running in rivulets that eventually mixed with each other.

Beryllium is the mother mineral that Emerald is made up of. It is usually found close to the surface of the earth’s crust. The name “beryl” is derived (via Latin: beryllus which referred to a “precious blue-green color-of-sea-water stone”.  Chromium Óxide is the mineral which gives the vibrant, appealing and beautiful colors to the Natural Colombian Emerald and is found 50 kilometers below the surface of the earth’s crust.

The probabilities of these two minerals mixing, along with aluminium and silicate (sand), elements which together make up the Colombian Emerald, and remain trapped within the veins cooling and crystallizing into the most extraordinary, unique and beautiful  Colombian Emerald, was highly unlikely and occurred only as a Miracle of Nature.

Throughout history it has been considered a precious gem of great value and represented hope when faced with adversity as occured in the time of the conquest of America. It was 1590 in the town of Popayan, Colombia, the wealthiest of the town contributed funds to make the most beautiful and richest crown that had ever existed. This was done in thanksgiving for their good fortune and favors received when being relieved from the smallpox epidemic.

Spanish Goldsmiths spent six years carving the crown from a solid block of gold which weighed more than 50 kilos, set were 453 emeralds surrounding an Emerald center stone previously owned by the Inca Atahualpa of Deep Herb Green color, probably from the Muzo mine weighing in at 41 karats. Hanging from the crown were 17 pear shaped emeralds. The Crown Shone like the Sun, a Green Sun, such as no one had ever seen before and was a symbol of healing, hope and joy.

The Emerald is a precious stone of great importance and has been desired and revered since before recorded time. Today, due to it’s high value and the intense interest it arouses, it is one of the most imitated stones. The truth is that no imitation or synthetic emerald comes even remotely close to the Beauty and Value of a Natural Emerald.

All Colombian Emeralds and those from anywhere in the world have imperfections. Those involved in the global market call them Inclusions. Jewelers refer to them in French as “Jardin” giving them a more picturesque and desirable spin which is not entirly true even though they do confirm Natural Origen.

The Inclusions are imperfections; gases, liquids or other minerals “included” within the crystalline structure of the emerald.  90% or more of emeralds have inclusions visible to the naked eye. The lesser quantity of inclusions and the less visible they are, less distraction is created by the inclusions and the price per carat is greater.

I, a Specialist in Fine Colombian Emeralds, with over four decades of experience, promise to select for your delight, emeralds with so few inclusions that they will never distract from the innate beauty of the gem.

The tones of color and brilliance in each stone are unique and present their own particular attraction for each individual.

It’s splendor has captivated celebrities, kings and important personalities worldwide since the time of Cleopatra and possibly much earlier in history. You too can strut these dazzling gems.

As the Colombian designer Mercedes Salazar stated in Cromos magazine, “Emeralds not only look well at night with an evening gown, they can also be worn on a sunny day.”

“Beauty“ is the reason to “Be” of a Natural Colombian Emerald. There are an infinity of factors contained within this gem which will bring a smile to your face and admiring glances from those around you. Show it off !  Enjoy it !  It is Unique just like you.

Most unique and famous is

Written and edited by Carolina Aguilar Velez to Lee Wasson, CEO and founder of Specialist in Fine Colombian Emeralds

Lee Wasson

by Lee Wasson

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